Take a light-hearted look at the year ahead. Forget the Brexit squabble for a few minutes!

Something may propel you into changing a car or van, or even upgrading a mobility scooter if that applies. While the unstable political situation is unlikely to prove to be a problem to you, it will give you the impetus to look for bargains when renewing large items in your home.

Uranus moves into your sign on the 7th of March, marking a lengthy period of changes and upheavals, but there is no reason to fear the worst, as most of the changes will simply clear the air. Friends and social life will play a larger than usual part in your life this year.

Work or business is important and you must put in preparation in order to make gains later. Life will be more fun from April, and the rest of the year will be reasonable. Take legal documents very seriously, and get small print checked out before agreeing to anything.

New projects are well starred, but a combination of difficult planetary aspects will make June and July slow-going, especially if you are waiting to hear from other people. Two eclipses in July will bring something to a head that forces you to reappraise a particular situation.

There will be unexpected overseas travel, a new romance or the start of a new job or hobby with a creative element to it. With a bit more money to spend this year, you will look and feel better, but you must be careful not to over-indulge, or you will put on weight.

The trend is onwards and upwards, but Jupiter won’t allow you to push yourself or your interests forward as quickly as you would like. The summer will be a slow time, so it might be worth planning a break and forgetting work and responsibilities for a while.

You are going to put your mind to learning something new this year, which may be new work methods or something in your personal life, but you will have it down pat by the autumn. There will be a big improvement in your finances during November and December.

Someone will get on your nerves during February and March, and you will need to put them straight. In spring and summer, romance will blossom for singles, while partnered Scorpios will also be happy. The year as a whole will be good for finances and for your reputation.

With Jupiter in your sign all year long, you should take the great opportunities that comes your way, but Saturn will ensure that you save rather than spend and you will work hard for what you get. Apart from a dodgy time in June and July, this should be a fortunate year.

This will be an eventful year, with a combination of major transformations in effect, and the need to use common sense and avoid get-rich-quick schemes. However, a series of eclipses will bring things to a head and allow for much needed change in the summer.

You need to get out more, because it is acquaintances, business contacts, clubs, political groups and suchlike that will bring you luck and make your life interesting. Uranus changing sign will bring an emphasis on your home life, and you may consider a change of address.

If you are into complementary therapies or healing, or if you’re struggling with illness, answers will come from March onwards. Work will be very successful and if you are in business, you will do well. Love affairs, family fun and holidays are best in August or September.