Things ain’t what they used to be. People are becoming more litigious, picking up bad habits from overseas. You probably know someone who has had a problem, so why take chances?

It has become common practice with many insurance providers to insist on professional accreditation as a prerequisite for indemnity insurance. Can you afford the risk of working uninsured?

We are a community of experienced people who have come across various problems in their working lives. We share our tips and tricks, and we can advise you in choosing a suitable insurance package at a reasonable cost.

Organisations like ours, with a number of members, can often strike deals with many other firms, including insurance brokers, and we have a keenly priced insurance arrangement for MBS consultants.

At MBS Professionals, you can obtain our Certificate of Proficiency in your skill set(s), either by proving accreditation issued by a credible, recognised body with an acceptably high standard of proficiency, or
Gain the Certificate by passing our own accreditation process, to prove your skills at a high, internationally accepted level.
(Please note that currently, we do not accredit therapists and certain other skills ourselves – that has to be done by a registered, national or international body, whose certificates we can accept.)

Our Certificate is your proof of your skill(s) to prospective clients, whether locally or overseas.
By the same token, if you are registered overseas and intend to visit or live in the UK, our Certificate can be more meaningful than a document from an unknown overseas source.

Use the Contact page to request more information, or to request an application to join MBS Professionals. For applicants, please tell us about you and your qualifications / experience levels, as well as your full name and contact / address / telephone details.
By submitting your personal and business details and email address, you confirm that we may add this information to our organisational database. How we use this information is fully detailed under the “About” page. Suffice to say here that we don’t share or sell your information, it is kept confidential, and we fully subscribe to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Kindly note that MBS Professionals is a community-based, B 2 B organisation for professionals – not the public in general, so we have no automatic sign-up form online.

You may elect to stop receiving future communications from us by replying to one of our emails with the phrase “cancel all future emails” in the subject line. Alternatively, raise a new email with the above subject heading and your name in the body of the email.