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Sasha has been an active member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) since May 1982. She has served as Secretary, President and Treasurer at times, and has been a steady influence for good – in hard times and better. She has been instrumental in various BAPS developments, including the vetting system, courses and the BAPS structure itself. As a Consultant, Sasha is qualified in Astrology, the Tarot and Palmistry. Her years of professional consultancy – as well as publishing and dealing with authors who write about a variety of MB&S subjects – have been the basis for her extensive knowledge of a large range of disciplines.

  • In other spheres, Sasha has been a Chair and Treasurer for the Advisory Panel in Astrological Education (APAE), and an Executive Committee member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. Her writing and teaching track record includes seminars, radio and TV programmes, magazine columns and much more – both in the UK and overseas, including Hong Kong, Australia, the USA, South Africa and Bophuthatswana.
  • As an author, Sasha’s prolific record includes 135 titles (mostly MB&S subjects), traditionally published by the likes of HarperCollins, Piatkus, Carlton and Chrysalis in the UK, and Sterling Publishing Inc., Red Wheel Weiser, Charlesbridge and Quarto in the USA. Many of her books have been translated into fifteen different languages. A Google search for “Sasha Fenton” will show her wide range of writing proficiency.
  • In short, Sasha has the background and expertise in so many avenues that she can present the top-level credibility and expertise that an organisation like MBSP demands, in order for the public to have confidence in its members’ qualifications.