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Palmistry (BAPS)
Tarot (BAPS)

Julia is based in London and is available for face to face readings and readings done remotely on the phone/ Skype/ FaceTime/ WhatsApp, as well as party/ event bookings and home/ office visits when there is a group of people having readings.

Julia also speaks Russian and can conduct a reading in Russian where necessary.

She has been a Consultant Member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) whilst the Society was in operation, and is now a Consultant Member accredited by MBS Professionals Ltd (MBSP), the organisation that has taken over issuing professional accreditation of Mind Body Spirit specialists, readers of different disciplines and psychics since BAPS was dissolved. MBSP also includes therapists, Reiki professionals and similar practitioners in its community.

Julia says:
“I do most of my readings remotely these days, on Skype/ phone/ FaceTime/ WhatsApp. It all started with the fact that many of the people I had read for in the past live all over the world as well as in different parts of London and the U.K. And when they wanted to have another reading done, this is the most convenient way to go about it!

I do palm readings from hand pictures the person would send via WhatsApp or Skype, and thanks to smartphones and good lighting, pictures can come out clear enough for me to be able to see fingerprints and do a reading of exactly the same quality as face to face. Tarot readings are done very easily remotely, the same way as face to face – and if we are on a video call, I can also show the person the cards which come out in the spread as well. Thanks to modern technology we didn’t have some years ago, readings done remotely are the easiest and quickest way to get a reading done and receive answers to your questions when reading in person is not convenient, or you want to get a reading done ASAP.

There is no difference in the quality of the reading or insights/information you receive regardless of how the reading is done. And payment for these readings is usually done either into my bank or by any credit/debit card via the link on my website, or by PayPal. It is also possible for me to write your reading out in an email or a message if you prefer that instead of speaking.

So, let me know which days and times are good for you to get your reading done, I will see what I can do and we will arrange a time to meet or speak.

For more information and details of my main locations and other options, please visit my website (address above).