Born in Zambia, Jan chose a career in banking, and spent thirty-one fruitful years in this field, rising to a senior position in the third largest banking group in Southern Africa. He left in 1995, and shortly afterwards met Sasha Fenton. The two of them formed an instant and lasting bond, both in their marriage and a successful joint career in publishing.

Since then, Jan has further developed his interest in Astrology and all things Mind, Body and Spirit. He has written three books, two of them in collaboration with Sasha.

Within MBS Professionals, Jan supports Sasha’s work as always, and manages the technical, legal and research divisions of the company. Their combined experience over the past two decades with MB&S events, seminars, consulting and writing (and Sasha’s MB&S track record goes back to the early 1980s) lends an international level of credibility in their development of MBS Professionals.