THE ROYAL WEDDING: Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
I know this event is already old news, but I thought I’d do a piece about Meghan and Harry Sussex and their wedding. Something that struck me as odd when I saw the first pictures of Meghan in a newspaper was how similar her jawline, smile and the inclination of her head were to the Queen Mother. This made no sense at all until I checked her chart on that great data-finding service – Astrotheme – whereupon I discovered that Meghan’s birthday is the 4th of August, which is the same as the late Queen Mother’s!

Other bits and pieces started to emerge, including the fact that her father is descended from a variety of nationalities, including some Scottish nobility that may or may not be related to the Queen Mother’s Bowes Lion family. Anyway, all that aside, here we have a young lady who is already a well-known television star, and being born with the Sun in Leo, the glare of publicity won’t faze her. Cancer rising suggests she is close to her mother, and if we doubted that, look at the one person from her own family who could be relied upon to give her love and support on her big day. Meghan has the Moon in Libra, a cardinal sign, and that gives her more inner strength than people might realise. It also makes her fight for the underdog and for justice.

Mercury in Leo gives her common sense, if not the most academic of brains, while Venus in Virgo makes her fussy about whom she loves. She made a mistake with her first marriage, but this one won’t be a mistake. Leo subjects love children and we know that Harry is good with young people, so with luck they will have the children they both need, and while raising them, they will also do what they can to put the world to rights.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Harry’s ascendant is in Capricorn and his descendant is in Cancer, while Meghan’s is the opposite, so that’s the first link. His Sun in Virgo links reasonably well with Meghan’s Venus, while his Venus in Libra is conjunct Meghan’s Pluto. His Vertex is in Leo in his seventh house of relationships, and it is conjunct Meghan’s ascendant, while her Vertex is conjunct his Uranus. Well, this relationship sizzles with passion, and it is full of love, excitement and fun!

Oddly enough, there is a healing element in this relationship, as Meghan’s Chiron – the healer – is in conjunction with Harry’s Moon. Even many non-astrologers are aware that the Moon represents the mother and the family, so the pain and loss that Harry felt over the loss of his own mother will now be soothed and healed.

Beneath his somewhat jolly exterior, Harry is a surprisingly serious person. His Capricorn ascendant and Moon in Taurus help him to cope with large-scale events, while his Virgo Sun means he can also cope with details. He’ll need to, because Meghan has hardly any earth on her chart, so she sees the grand picture but she will need help with details. Most of Harry’s planets are above the horizon, suggesting a life in the public eye, but those representing home and family are at the bottom of the chart, so they will rightly be kept private. In-laws are represented by the ninth house, and Harry has Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in Scorpio in that house. Nuff said!!

The Wedding
Well, we know the day was a huge success, and the chart shows that the bride was rightly front and centre, with the ascendant for the time of the event being in Leo, linking with Meghan’s Sun, and on the day, the Moon in Cancer, linked with her ascendant. The north node of karma had just crossed her Sun and was now approaching her Mercury, suggesting contracts to be signed and a change of address. The Sun in Taurus links with Harry’s Moon in his fourth house, showing him setting up a new home and a new family unit. With Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, Harry must have wondered if the Duke of Edinburgh would be well enough to attend, and the trine to Mercury shows that he must have been pleased to have both his father and both grandparents nearby. The vertex in conjunction with Pluto on the day but opposing the Moon, suggests a powerful force for good being formed, but one that is breaking with the past and going its own way in the future.


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