The new royal baby was born in London at 11:01 am on April 23, 2018, which is St George’s day – and St George was the patron saint of England, so this is a very patriotic day in which to welcome a new British prince. He is the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

His sun sign and rising sign are the same as those of his older sister, Charlotte, because both children have the sun in Taurus and Cancer rising, although Charlotte’s ascendant is early in Cancer, while the baby’s is late in the sign, putting almost all his first house in the sign of Leo. However, the nearest planet is in the first house and set to rise up over the ascendant, and that is the moon. This enhances the Cancerian side of things, including love of family and a sense of history and heritage. This is not the mark of an innovator, but someone who will uphold the traditions of our country and who will value its history. The moon is in conjunction with the north node, which suggests that he will make a real mark on the world, and this will come from doing something close to his heart. This feels a lot like the Invictus organisation that is headed by his uncle, Prince Harry.

With a close conjunction between active Mars and powerful Pluto in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn and in the sixth house of work and health, it seems that a military career is on the horizon. With the watery element of Cancer and the moon being so prominent, along with Jupiter in Scorpio, which is yet another “military” water sign, my guess is that this lad is heading for a career in the navy.

There is more to the baby’s personality than military life though, as there is plenty of emotion and sensitivity and love, so those who he cares for in life will be very blessed. He could easily be musical and he may have a good singing voice. He may enjoy some off-beat form of art, because his sun is close to unconventional Uranus way up in the tenth house, so for instance, his grandfather’s loathing of bad architecture could be repeated in this child’s character.

There is a spiritual side to this lad, and a desire to heal the weak and the sick. This is partly shown by that rising moon, but also by the planets Mercury and Chiron, bracketing the midheaven in Aries. Neptune in its own sign of Pisces in the spiritual ninth house emphasises this tendency.

So yes, he may have a gift for healing and a desire to do so, but he will do it on his own terms – shades of Uncle Harry here again, perhaps. The hard-working stellium in Capricorn in the sixth house of work and health shows that his efforts and energies could well be poured into some kind of drive towards health for those around him and for people as a whole. If he were anything but a royal person, I might suggest a career in medicine, but an interest in complementary therapies could also apply, so he might emulate the Queen and take an interest in homeopathy.

The part of fortune in the fourth house reflects the family background and shows that he will never have to work hard to put a roof over his head and food on the table. But it is opposite his sun in the determined sign of Taurus, so there might be some battles down the line when he tries to assert his independence. The three planets in Capricorn and the three in the tenth house – which is like Capricorn – show the connection to his Capricorn mother. The amount of Cancer shows that he and his mum will understand one another, and they will keep in touch wherever life leads him. The cusp of the seventh house in Capricorn and the South Node in Aquarius in the seventh house suggest he will have a number of girlfriends before he eventually settles down, and he won’t be in a hurry to do so.

So, this looks like a royal who has the same sense of duty and tradition of the other royals and the same tenacity and strength, along with a dash of something all his own. The signs are that he will have a long life and on the whole, a very good one.

Judging by all the children coming into the new generation of royals, it looks as though our much-loved royal family will be around at least for the next century – and a jolly good thing, too!


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